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deejayd-webui is a web client for the media player daemon deejayd built with Google Web Toolkit SDK. It works with all browsers based on gecko or webkit engine (tested on firefox, chrominium and safari).It is included in deejayd package.

Features :

  • Drag and drop support,
  • Support all features offered by deejayd server (webradio, playlist management, video, dvd...).

Server Configuration

The configuration of deejayd-webui is included in deejayd configuration file ([webui] section)

enabled = no
port = 6880
# Addresses to bind to, a list of ip addresses separated by ',' or 'all'.
bind_addresses = localhost
# temp directory where deejayd save rdf files for webui
tmp_dir = /tmp/deejayd_webui
# Lang of the webui. Available langs are : en, fr.
lang = en


Just open the URL http://host:webuiport/m/ with your favorite browser.