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djc is command line client to control deejayd


#djc --help
sage: djc [options] COMMAND [COMMAND_OPTIONS]
where COMMAND may be :
  * audio_search : Search in audio library
           ex: djc audio_search type search_txt
           type has to be in ('all','artist','album','genre','title')
  * audio_update : Update audio library
  * current : Return the current playing media (if it exists)
  * dvd_get_content : Get contents of the current dvd
  * dvd_reload : Reload the dvd
  * get_audio_dir : Get the content of an directory in audio library.
           ex: djc get_audio_dir "dirname"
           if no dirname has been entered, return root directory content
  * get_video_dir : Get the content of an directory in video library.
           ex: djc get_video_dir "dirname"
           if no dirname has been entered, return root directory content
  * next : Next element in player
  * panel_clear_filter :  Clear panel filters
            ex: djc panel_clear_filter
  * panel_clear_search :  Clear panel search filter
            ex: djc panel_clear_search
  * panel_get_active :  Return panel active list
            ex: djc panel_get_active
  * panel_info :  Get current panel's content
            ex: djc panel_info
  * panel_remove_filter :  Remove a panel filter
            ex: djc panel_remove_filter artist
  * panel_set_active :  Set panel active list
            ex: djc panel_set_active panel
            ex: djc panel_set_active playlist pls_name
  * panel_set_filter :  Set a panel filter
            ex: djc panel_set_filter genre rock
            ex: djc panel_set_filter artist artist1,artist2
  * panel_set_search :  Set search filter
            ex: djc panel_set_search genre rock
            ex: djc panel_set_search artist ben
  * panel_sort :  Sort Panel Medialist
            ex: djc panel_sort artist descending
            ex: djc panel_sort title ascending
  * panel_tags :  List tags used in panel mode
            ex: djc panel_tags
  * ping : Ping server using the protocol
  * player_option : set player option
           ex: djc player_option option_name option_value
           option_name can be : sub_offset, av_offset, audio_lang, sub_lang
  * playlist_add :  add dirs/files to current playlist
            ex: djc playlist_add path1,path2
  * playlist_clear :  clear current playlist
            ex: djc playlist_clear
            if no name has been entered, clear the current pl
  * playlist_erase :  Erase a recorded playlist
            usage : djc playlist_erase pl_id
  * playlist_info :  Get current playlist's content
            ex: djc playlist_info
  * playlist_list :  Return list of recorded playlist
  * playlist_load :  load playlist in the current playlist
            ex: djc playlist_load playlist_id1,playlist_id2
  * playlist_remove :  remove songs from current playlist
            ex: djc playlist_remove song_id1,song_id2
  * playlist_save :  Save current playlist
            usage : djc playlist_save pl_name
  * playlist_shuffle :  shuffle current playlist
            ex: djc playlist_shuffle
  * playtoggle : Toggle play/pause
  * previous : Previous element in player
  * queue_add :  add audio dirs/files to queue
            ex: djc queue_add path1,path2
  * queue_clear :  clear queue
  * queue_info :  Get queue's content
  * queue_loadpls :  load playlist in the queue
            ex: djc queue_loadpls playlist_id1,playlist_id2  * queue_remove :  remove songs from queue
            ex: djc queue_remove song_id1,song_id2
  * recorded_playlist_info :  get content of a recorded playlist
            usage : djc recorded_playlist_info pl_id
  * seek : Set the position in the stream to argument value
  * set_mode : Set active mode to argument value. ex: djc set_mode webradio
  * set_option : Set option to argument value for a given source.
           ex: djc set_option playlist playorder random
           ex: djc set_option playlist repeat 0 (or 1)
  * set_video : Update the video list
           ex: djc set_video "type" "value"
           type must be :
             * directory to set content of dir "value" as video list
             * search to set result of search "value" as video list
  * stats : Get audio/video library stats
  * status : Get full deejayd status
  * stop : Stop player
  * video_info :  Get video list's content
  * video_update : Update video library
  * volume : Set volume to argument value.
             If preceeded with 'up'|'down', (in|dea)crease volume with value.
             'up'|'down' only also works.
  * webradio_list :  List webradios
  * webradio_localAdd : Add a webradio in the local source.ex: djc add_webradio wr_name urls.
        Url has been separated by ",".
  * webradio_localClear : Erase all webradios from the local source
  * webradio_localDelete : Erase webradio(s) from the local source
           ex: djc webradio_erase wr_id1,wr_id2
  * webradio_setSource :  Set the current source for webradio mode

  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --host=HOST  Hostname or ip address on which deejayd listens. Default is
  --port=PORT  Port on which deejayd listens. Default is 6800.